Sustainability Transformation

Understanding the impacts to workforce.

At Deloitte, we believe that people are core to a sustainable future. However organisations often face a disconnect between complexity and clarity in their transition to new ways of working. Understanding sustainability impacts to workforce can accelerate change.

The shift of sustainability from a fringe consideration to a core agenda item has brought increased pressure on organisations to not only consider the risks but also embrace opportunities. Sustainability has evolved from a strategy of choice to a regulation and operational necessity. And every organisation needs a license to do business – and today, the name of that license is sustainability. 

The challenge for organisations is translating sustainability from vision to action is a process, and not a destination: even if the end-goal is clear, the path there and the organisation’s roles are ever-evolving. While most leading organisations recognise this imperative – evident not least in the way they are intensifying their focus and attention and efforts on ESG and corporate sustainability initiatives – very few are truly ready to operationalise and embed these priorities into their business models at scale.

Organisations know that they need both clear commitment to action, and credible plans with which they can demonstrate progress. Understanding the sustainability impacts to workforce is a critical step towards transformation.

In response to these challenges, Deloitte Workforce Transformation Consulting has developed a set of diagnostics to help organisations embrace sustainability opportunities through assessment of where they are in terms of maturity, understand impacts to workforce, and implement targeted workforce transformation initiatives.

This sustainability article offers a perspective on the emerging sustainability agenda, highlighting the benefits of developing a sustainable workforce and exploring the practical ways that Southeast Asian leaders can harness opportunities…

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