KSG Events in Singapore

The Korean Services Group conducts seminars tailored for Korean companies operating in Singapore. These seminars cover a range of topics pertinent to business operations in Singapore, including tax implications, regulatory requirements, and market insights.

(한국 기업 대상) 2024년 싱가포르 세무 및 법률 최신 동향과 대응 방안 대면 세미나


Date: 2024 February 5th Monday

(한국 기업 대상) 2023년 싱가포르 예산안 업데이트 및 싱가포르 세제 최신 동향과 대응 방안 세미나


Date: 2023 March 24th Friday

If you require further information on any of the events held above, please contact us here.

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