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Health Care Foresight: Identifying Megatrends

This report explores key megatrends disruptively shaping the health care landscape, with foresight into what works and scenarios on harnessing the change to invent an alternative future.

Healthcare Foresight: Identifying Megatrends
Healthcare for the Pre-Middle Class in Emerging Economies

The Pre-Middle Class market may be less significant and economically unattractive at per capita basis, but taken as a whole, it is a large market, if not the largest, that can transform the whole healthcare.


The Health Hub: Transformation for the new normal

This report shares a glimpse of an open healthcare ecosystem known as the Health Hub that eases the patient’s navigation through the three pillars of healthcare –Human, Home and Hospital and beyond.

Healthcare in 2065

This report envisions the future use of smart technology in our everyday life, as we shift to wearables, digitised doctors and medical A.I., providing empowerment to patient-consumers with a patient centric design. Evolved healthcare provision offers a personalised health plan with customised medication to improve overall health outcome.

Healthcare 3.0+ Model

The Future Healthcare first thought paper introduces the next wave of innovation in healthcare and how Deloitte is leading the innovation train with their new patient-centric business model that is the Deloitte Healthcare 3.0 model.