Transforming social services in Singapore

The power of digital

National Council of Social Services (NCSS) appoints Deloitte to provide technical advisory and project consultancy services to help transform social service sector


Social Services Agencies (SSA) can now uplift their digital capabilities and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their service delivery.

With the launch of the National Council of Social Services’ (NCSS) ‘Tech-and-GO!’ initiative, Social Services Agencies (SSA) can now harness the power of technology and operate with greater agility and speed. Deloitte, together with our strategic partner – Goshen Consultancy services will provide technical advisory and project consultancy services and work with SSAs to deliver tailored solutions that are unique and relevant to each SSA. 
The team consists of local consultants with years of practical on-the-ground knowledge and deep expertise in the Social Service Sector in Singapore. With our strong track record in the public and social service sector, and our global network of digital expertise and an extensive repository of proprietary tools, templates and frameworks, we can help SSAs:

  • Modernise existing legacy systems and adopt new ways of working to enhance service delivery
  • Improve work processes and leverage industry-proven frameworks for better planning and implementation management
  • Leverage new innovative technologies to reduce human drudgery, and allowing employees to focus on more strategic aspects of the business.


Tech-and-GO! Templates

To empower and equip social service agencies with proven tools on their digital transformation journey, Deloitte has provided self-service templates based on the Tech-and-GO! modules that can be tailored to an individual social service agency’s needs.

Meet our team

Deloitte is committed in to improving public outcomes through a focus on people. In order to help solve the most complex issues faced in the social service and healthcare sector, we bring a panel of industry experts with diverse capabilities and develop relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions.

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