What are your risks? 

Part 2

Cyber Theft

  • Online payment systems may not guarantee the safety of your money – $81M stolen from central bank of Bangladesh in 2016 cyber heist
  • Drugs, information and your credit card data – Take your pick in the online black markets

Identity Theft

  • Is your child’s identity at risk? – Young mum experiences ‘digital kidnapping’

Cyber Bullying

  • Cyber bullying can kill - How it can lead to suicide


  • Your data and devices could be held hostage – Find out the anatomy of a ransomware

How is your data retrieved?

Social Engineering Attacks

  • Baiting – Watch what happens when you plug a foreign device into your computer
  • Phishing – Personal details targeted in phishing emails that appears as Google Docs
  • Pretexting – Your board director can be an impersonator to get your phone records (Hewlett-Packard incident)
  • Read more on social engineering fraud


  • Social media alone can help cyber criminals know you better– 30% of internet users vulnerable to attacks
  • Google tracks you by what you share – Here’s how to stop it
  • Think before you post – When it can cost you your job

What can you do?

  • Be discreet about your privacy settings and ‘check-in’s.
  • Be sure you know who people are before accepting connections
  • Be wary about messages from unfamiliar emails
June 2017 Part 2: Your Biggest Risk Could Be You

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