Basic GST – Understanding GST concepts and fundamentals

How accurate are your GST returns?

23 March & 21 September, 9am – 5pm

Taxpayers often fall victim to the misconception that GST is simple - just charge 7%. However, there is much more to GST than meets the eye.

This workshop will help you reinforce your current knowledge on GST fundamentals and concepts and to keep pace with the changes. To get the most out of our GST workshops, we would recommend that participants attend our GST Basics workshop before attending our GST Advanced workshop.

Topics covered in the basics workshop will include:

  • Principles of GST
  • Type, place, time and value of supply
  • International services
  • Export of goods and required supporting export documents
  • Import of goods and valuation issues
  • Common problem areas:

- Fringe benefits: “blocked” input tax and “deemed” output tax

- Recovery of expenses: reimbursement vs. disbursements

- Accounting for GST on sponsorship activities

- GST issues on secondment of staff

  • Practical examples of the above topics and relevant case studies

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar!