Global trade automation


Global trade automation

Indirect tax

Deloitte's Global Trade Advisory specialists around the world can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

The increasing digitalization of compliance and reporting obligations requires businesses to manage and report their global trade activities electronically. Real time self-assessment and control checks are becoming standard.

Deloitte specialists develop global trade automation strategies that can identify opportunities for simplification and efficiency, analyze data and manage the risks, and costs associated with global trade management and reporting.

Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory specialists work alongside technology specialists to provide a unique, holistic perspective on global trade automation strategies. Our professionals have helped many clients develop tailored solutions that have been implemented without disruption to ongoing compliance or core business activities.

Our services include:

Global Trade Analytics

Stricter regulatory environments and the evolving use of e-audit by tax authorities are leading businesses to seek more visibility and control over their indirect tax profile and compliance processes. Global Trade Radar is an innovative, multi-jurisdictional customs data analytics solution that provides companies with insights into their global customs profile, facilitates informed decision making, identifies cost-savings opportunities and addresses potential compliance weaknesses.


Tax Enabled ERP

Deloitte provides design and implementation support to help businesses integrate indirect tax requirements into their ERP systems to improve control over tax data, manage potential risks and enhance efficiency of business processes.


Indirect Tax eLearning

The Deloitte Indirect Tax eLEarning suite offers a range of standard and customized electronic learning tools, created by indirect tax specialists. Deloitte’s eLearning modules can be deployed as a generic course, a fully custom-built course, or something in-between.


AEO Digiscan

The aim of AEO is to make customs authorities and certified businesses jointly responsible for safe and secure cross-border transactions. Deloitte’s AEO-Digiscan can help businesses understand whether they are in a position to apply for AEO certification.



Deloitte’s customs compliance solution TrackonTrade integrates with existing operational processes and ERP and helps businesses by automating various European import, export, storage, processing and transportation procedures, documents and data.