Deloitte Forum 2022

Orchestrate your business to the future

COVID-19 was only the latest in a series of episodes that have illustrated just how much uncertainty our society, our leaders, and our organizations must contend with. The opportunities to learn, respond, and thrive will shape the future of businesses long after the short-term challenges are left behind.

Business must continuously look forward, seeking new avenues to evolve and grow, in ways that create greater value. Looking to the future means challenging the basic assumptions about who we are as a business, anticipating, and then seizing opportunities that will allow the business to thrive.


Learn more from webinar recordings and presentations of each session below. 

Clients & Markets Session | Orchestrate your business to the future


Economic climate and recovery prospects for 2023 with special guest speaker Dr. Kirida Bhaopichitr, Research Director, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

  • Highlights of key recent global events, zooming in on the impact on the Thai economy
  • Industry snapshots and what we can look out for in the coming years
Economic climate and recovery prospects for 2023

The power of Innovation

  • Creating new products is only one of many ways to innovate. The Ten Types of Innovation® framework provides a way to identify new opportunities beyond products and develop viable innovations.


Panel: Orchestrate your business to the future

  • Our experts discuss opportunities and risks in a world impacted by health, geopolitical, climate and economic changes. Hear more about trends and enablers and how to take advantage of new opportunities.

Language: Thai


Key Industry Outlook

Audit & Assurance Session | Get Your Business Tomorrow Ready


Panel: Get your business tomorrow ready

  • Overview of finance role in Enterprise Life Cycle Stage
  • Accounting Operation Process Enhancement
  • How to raise fund for expanding your business – M&A/ Global Offering
  • The CFP as the Driver of Sustainability

Language: Thai


Get Your Business Tomorrow Ready

Audit & Assurance Session | Ready for the IPO Spotlight?


Interview session ‘Strategies for Going Public: Opportunity in uncertainty’

  • Market update on IPOs trends in 2022
  • Benefits of a Listing Status
  • Key success factors for the IPO process successful
  • Potential timing of the next IPO window

Panel: Preparation for going public - preparing to perform a higher standard

  • Overview of SEA IPO capital market 2022
  • Lessons learned by Company’s going public
  • IPO readiness: Important considerations including Financial Reporting, Internal Controls, Tax & Legal

Language: Thai


Ready for the IPO Spotlight?

Financial Advisory Session | Driving impact in defining moments


ESG views

  • Sustainable Finance trends in South East Asia, and capital market structures available to companies to benefit from this.
  • ESG due diligence and valuation impact
  • Monetization of environmental attributes and products and how they can contribute to revenue

Language: English


Executive talk with Khun Danai Pathomvanich (Dan), CEO of NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited (“NRF”)

Language: Thai


ESG Views

Risk Advisory | Debunking the Myths and Exploring the Opportunities


The Outlook on Digital Assets

  • Emerging technology, blockchain and digital asset tokenization promises great benefits, but also entails new risks.
  • This session is designed to help you understand the dimensions of digital assets, benefits and risks, industry insights and metaverse applications to encourage responsible and immersive innovation


Digital Assets: Exploring the possibilities

  • What lessons can we learn from the last decade and how can we image new concepts?

Language: English


Consulting | Emerging trends shaping the future of business


Tech Trends 2022 – Engineer your tech- forward future

  • How key technologies are maturing to build a better future in a post COVID-19 world, and how businesses in Thailand can benefit



Tech Trends 2022

Private Debt: Opportunities for the Thai capital market

  • Opportunities and challenges for the private debt ecosystem in Thailand —to help address financing needs of businesses, as well as portfolio diversification needs of investors
Private Debt Study

From the Great Resignation to the Great Reimagination

  • Exploring the changes that have taken place since COVID-19, and how to navigate the new world of work in response to recent challenges

Language: English


From The Great Resignation to The Great Reimagination

Tax & Legal Session | Highlights and key developments


Remote Work

  • Employment trends, points of focus and overall considerations
  • Thailand’s Long-term Resident Program (LTR), categories, conditions, and privileges

Transfer Pricing Update

  • DGN 407, new APA Guidelines, CbCR MCAA updates

Updates on amendments of corporate laws

  • Overview of traditional and alternative fundraising for corporate funding

Customs and trade update, case studies covering:

  • Investigation on origins of non-preferential goods
  • One-stop Services for Additional Duty Payment Program (OSS) and rejected cases
  • Customs value and prospective TP adjustment

New 5- year investment promotion strategy
VAT Updates

  • Advanced information preparation for VAT refund audit
  • E-Tax Invoice trends in South-East Asia

Language: Thai


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