Deloitte Greenhouse Executive Transition Lab

Specially designed for our strategic clients, the Executive Transition Program is a Deloitte Greenhouse offering which is a one-day experience built to help recently-appointed C-level executives hit the ground running and thrive in new roles.


The Deloitte Executive Transition Lab is a personalized and exclusive one-day experience that allows the executive to take a step back and get clarity of both their personal priorities and those of their team – by addressing the need to balance three critical elements vital to success: time, talent, and relationships.

Every Executive Transition Lab is unique. It is designed and prepared for the executive by a dedicated team including professional facilitators and individuals who have deep insights into the executive’s organization and/or industry.

Each Lab is tailored to the individual. It is therefore equally suitable for experienced executives and those taking up their first C-level role (CEO, CIO, CMO, CHRO, CFO, etc.). We work closely with the executive to ensure that their expectations of the day are understood, enabling us to maximise the value of the time invested.

Labs are designed and run for:

  • First time executives
  • Experienced executives moving industry or organization
  • Executives looking to refresh their priorities and plan in their current role, e.g. following the arrival of a new Board or a change in organizational strategy
  • Interim executives


The result of a day in the Lab is a clear action plan to successfully navigate the 180 days ahead. The executive will be presented with a confidential report which summarizes and synthesizes the discussions from the day.

The 180-day work plan will be pre-populated with relevant organizational milestones. It will include early wins and issues that require urgent attention, as well as long-term priorities that are important to the success of the organization and the legacy of the executive.

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