2023 Asia Pacific Conduct Watch Survey Report

At the core of an effective whistleblower program is the availability of a trusted channel of communication for employees and other stakeholders to report issues without fear of repercussions.

In today’s environment of rapid changes in the workplace and remote working, alongside increasing financial pressures, societal expectations and media attention, there is growing focus globally and in Asia Pacific on how whistleblowing programs can act as a means to improve corporate governance, provide a safe space for employees and gain better insights through more timely detection.

The Asia Pacific region has witnessed several high-profile cases of corporate scandals and corruption, which have highlighted the need for effective mechanisms to uncover and address misconduct. As a result, governments across the region are enacting or revising legislation to protect whistleblowers and encourage reporting. There is also a noticeable increase in the use of whistleblowing beyond traditional corporate misconduct to address broader societal issues.

Deloitte set out to learn how we can enhance the effectiveness of whistleblowing by launching our inaugural Asia Pacific Conduct Watch survey. In particular, the 2023 Asia Pacific Conduct Watch survey addressed the following areas:

  • Strategy and culture
  • Policies and procedures
  • Implementation and execution
  • Reporting and monitoring

Download the full report to read more on the insights into prevailing organisational attitudes and capabilities relevant to whistleblowing in the region.

2023 Asia Pacific Conduct Watch Survey Report Placemat
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2023 Asia Pacific Conduct Watch Survey Report

Download the full report

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