Outsourced Compliance, Accounting, Documentation


Outsourced Tax Compliance, Accounting, and Documentation

Support for your tax compliance and reporting needs

Meeting tax obligations can feel like aiming at a moving target. Increasingly complex rules and policies, rapid technology changes, real-time reporting requirements, and regulatory scrutiny all add pressure to tax compliance strategy and execution. Deloitte compliance professionals assist clients, from large multinationals to family-owned businesses, with tax compliance, accounting, and documentation. We help identify the operating model that best suits each business’s needs—whether it’s outsourcing or co-sourcing, with support for all tax functions or just some.

Deloitte’s professionals help clients meet a wide range of reporting requirements related to transfer pricing; tax provisions; and corporate, fund, indirect, customs, income, property, and flow-through taxes. We help businesses make sound decisions whether they’re evolving operations, taking the next step in digital transformation, or simply working to meet compliance requirements and deadlines. Our teams stay current on complex and ever-changing tax compliance and accounting requirements, flexibly supporting clients as they meet their obligations.

Far-reaching support for your tax function

Tax compliance plus accounting expertise for your success

Deloitte’s tax professionals have the breadth of experience to help you identify the compliance strategy approaches that are right for you. Drawing on our extensive experience, we streamline processes and identify cutting-edge technologies that can make your tax operations more effective, accurate, and compliant with evolving tax rules. Where appropriate, we can augment your team with temporary staff, or operate functions and processes on your behalf.

Globally co-ordinated tax compliance

Tax compliance and reporting obligations for large multinational companies are complex and constantly evolving. Globally, regulatory bodies and tax authorities are introducing more stringent reporting requirements, including technology-driven initiatives such as real-time reporting and system-based audits.
Deloitte’s co-ordinated compliance teams help clients create insights and identify trends related to worldwide tax attributes, reduce global compliance and reporting costs, and strategically allocate resources to add value to the enterprise.

We can also help refine global tax compliance strategy and restructure operating models to meet direct and indirect tax compliance and reporting obligations around the world. Drawing on deep tax knowledge and a multidisciplinary network spanning 160 countries, we help clients align data, process, technology, people, and governance with their business goals.

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Fund compliance

The global investment management industry is facing increasingly rigorous fund compliance, reporting, and transparency requirements. To comply with complex mandates, private equity and real estate fund managers and asset servicers are turning to technology to calculate tax exposure and withholdings, prepare and validate investor tax reports, and manage compliance obligations.

Deloitte’s fund and real estate compliance professionals bring an international, collaborative perspective to cross-border, multi-asset-class investment reporting. We implement iPACS Fund Tax Reporting software and other Deloitte-designed technology to increase efficiency and compliance for private-equity and asset-management clients. The software also supports global investor and product tax reporting and compliance for regulated and alternative funds across investment and investor types. All of it is backed up by industry experts committed to helping you grow your business through more efficient and effective compliance operations.

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Corporate tax compliance

An ever-growing roster of tax rules, increasingly rigorous and coordinated enforcement, and competition for skilled talent continue to make corporate tax compliance a challenge for many clients. And when a company expands into new markets or adopts new business models, the complexity multiplies.

Deloitte's corporate tax compliance services offer clients an efficient way to handle the corporate tax compliance workload and meet reporting obligations and deadlines. We pair efficient tax compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing options, with a suite of integrated tax technologies designed to provide transparency and help taxpayers meet their obligations effectively and affordably. We combine extensive reach with deep local knowledge and experience, delivered with the flexibility to address a full range of tax compliance needs.

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Indirect tax compliance

Real-time reporting requirements and increasing scrutiny from tax authorities are challenging businesses to find more efficient, automated ways to manage indirect tax compliance processes. These include VAT, GST, sales and use tax, multistate tax, and environmental tax.

Deloitte’s global indirect tax compliance specialists can help clients understand rules and obligations of multiple national markets; adopt technologies supporting accurate, timely payment; and minimize exposure to financial penalties and reputational damage. We help businesses efficiently and effectively meet indirect tax compliance obligations, including VAT registration support, preparation and submission of VAT returns, compliance with e-invoicing and direct reporting requirements, and VAT audit support. We also offer advice on operating models and recommendations for technology, process, and automation improvements.

Innovative technology can increase efficiency, especially in the presence of multiple data sources, varying data quality, and numerous country-specific requirements. Deloitte’s Indirect Tax Compliance is a web-enabled tool that standardizes and automates indirect tax compliance, from data upload to submission of indirect tax returns. Deloitte professionals and clients around the world use it to save time, increase accuracy, and stay compliant while extracting insights from captured tax data.

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Trade and customs duty, export compliance

Companies engaged in global trade face complex import, export, and border security customs and regulations. Managing global supply chains requires navigating the laws of multiple jurisdictions to maintain compliance, extract benefits, and keep costs low.

Deloitte’s export compliance professionals advise on duties, taxes, risks, penalties, and consequences of noncompliance. We help standardize and automate trade and customs duty compliance processes, allowing clients to operate more efficiently at lower risk. Standardization and automation can also help businesses capture the benefits of special trade programs; Deloitte’s Trade Classifier software, for example, streamlines and automates export control classifications to improve accuracy, consistency, and quality.

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High net worth individuals and family enterprises compliance

To maintain wealth and promote long-term growth, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and trusts must address complex and evolving tax obligations, particularly when family members reside or work in multiple jurisdictions or when international estates, inheritances, investments, and businesses are involved.

Deloitte professionals work closely with high-net-worth families, family offices, trusts, investment entities, and charitable vehicles to plan and advise on international and domestic income tax, estate and wealth tax, gift tax compliance and reporting, and more. We draw on years of experience navigating the complex relationships involved in private businesses and family offices and their investments, including owners and family members, to support clients’ wealth planning strategies while helping them remain globally tax complaint.

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Flow-through and partnership tax compliance

Pass-through and flow-through businesses include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and S corporations. These entities’ business income is taxed via the individual income tax returns of their owners or members, rather than being subject to corporate income tax.

Deloitte provides specialized tax compliance services to help flow-through entities and partnerships meet compliance and reporting obligations for business and income taxes. Our teams offer relevant insights into how taxing authorities approach issues, helping clients better understand the intricacies of pass-through entities.

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Global information reporting

Complying with complex and evolving global information reporting requirements can be a challenge for organizations and financial institutions. Manually capturing the data required consumes time and resources that could be spent on more strategic work—such as focusing on growth and innovation.

Deloitte’s global information reporting teams help clients meet their regulatory and compliance responsibilities through a range of tax reporting services. Our solutions help identify, document, and report accountholder, client, and investor information to tax authorities while minimizing business impact. We combine a deep understanding of regulatory information reporting changes with extensive experience delivering compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

We offer technical advice, gap analysis assessments, implementation assistance, and process reviews of global information reporting operations, including US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the OECD common reporting standard (CRS), and US qualified intermediary rules. We also provide strategic Qualified Intermediary (QI) and Withholding Foreign Partnership (WFP) reviews to international organizations seeking to improve tax return preparation and audit readiness. We draw on specialized jurisdictional knowledge across the Deloitte network to help clients make the best possible decisions.

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Transfer pricing documentation

Transfer pricing documentation—which shows how a company applies pricing in intracompany transactions—is mandatory in many countries. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recommendations for transfer pricing are evolving as part of a broad international dialogue on global taxation. Many national legislation and tax authorities expect granular transfer price documentation that can be scrutinized in a tax audit.

In this landscape, businesses must efficiently manage transfer pricing to meet local requirements while maintaining global consistency—a task demanding significant resources and attention. Deloitte helps clients meet this challenge with flexible, customized global transfer pricing support including benchmarking, BEPS analysis, local country files, functional analysis, master files, and documentation coordination.

Deloitte transfer pricing professionals can help evaluate and document processes, identify opportunities to increase control and add value, and implement process improvements. Our process provides visibility, transparency, and global governance to help clients meet deadlines, manage risk, and support local and global transfer pricing filing requirements. Deloitte’s TP Digital DoX documentation technology generates flexible, collaborative transfer pricing reports. With the Deloitte transfer pricing team and technology, clients can move beyond timely compliance to realizing greater value from transfer pricing documentation through audit-ready positions, stakeholder communications, and identification of new opportunities.

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Financial accounting operations

As a company grows, its financial accounting operations must grow with it.

Deloitte’s client service teams combine powerful technology and flexible integration capabilities to automate accounting workflows; reduce operational accounting costs; and generate timely, accurate financial information that support data-driven decisions. We can support clients with transactional bookkeeping, statutory and management reporting, business controls, budgeting, analytics, accounts payable and receivable processing, treasury support, temporary finance management, year-end closing, tax provision, and operational finance function support. Deloitte’s global multidisciplinary teams have the reach, flexibility, and expertise to create tailored solutions that improve the transactional, analytical, and reporting performance of back-office functions.

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Tax accounting services (including audit support)

Tax departments are required to maintain accurate income tax accounts and tax disclosures in financial statements. However, many lack team members with the necessary tax technical and accounting skills, making it a challenge to obtain timely and accurate information.

Deloitte tax accounting professionals combine technical expertise and experience with processes and internal controls. We assist clients with preparation and review of monthly, quarterly, and annual tax provisions, as well as tax accounting computation for acquisitions and divestitures. For audit clients, we perform audit and review procedures, serving as part of the Deloitte audit team. We deliver valuable insights, help mitigate risk, and identify opportunities associated with our tax accounting and audit services. Deloitte serves private and public companies, from startups to established organizations. We tailor our approach to financial statements and disclosures to the needs of each business, under local GAAP, IFRS, or US GAAP.

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Outsourced Compliance, Accounting, Documentation

Support for your tax compliance and reporting needs

Explore our collection of content and learn more about how Deloitte’s compliance professionals assist clients, from large multinationals to family-owned businesses, with tax compliance, accounting, and documentation. 

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