iPACS Fund Tax Reporting

The global investment management industry today is not the same as it was five years ago. The pace of change—including products, investment trends, blockchain distribution models, automation, and the geo- and ecopolitical climate—has been far more rapid than we could have imagined. Regulatory bodies and tax authorities are insisting on more rigorous transparency reporting on all business activities while simultaneously adding new compliance and reporting criteria.

Fund managers, asset servicers, and the periphery market infrastructure are having to adapt and evolve with these changes at a time when economies are shrinking and headcount is precious. Because of this, it is commonly accepted that technology is one of the strongest solutions to address the combination of changes we are experiencing.

Compliant fund tax reporting at the investor and portfolio level is critical. This allows a shift in emphasis, with the tax function supporting business growth as a proactive internal function, which is why Deloitte has been designing fund tax reporting technology with the opportunity to realize business growth for our asset management clients in mind.

iPACS Fund Tax Reporting bolsters your global investor and product tax needs with the support of leading industry specialists to help grow your business.

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