The challenge

Investor reporting is more complex today than ever before, for a variety of reasons. Governments are creating additional investor tax regulations while redeveloping existing ones; distribution models are broadening, with new investor markets being identified by the investment management industry; and the role of the transfer agent and development of blockchain and AI ledgers adds new dimensions to today’s investor reporting model.

In addition to the compliance obligations of the manager, houses are looking more closely at delivering fund reporting services to their investors in order to maintain a competitive edge. There is only ever one set of true data for a fund holding, distribution, or accumulation of income at any given point in time. This data may need to be sliced a number of times in different ways to address each investor's market reporting needs. Keeping up-to-date and aware of how that data needs to be cut, enhanced, transformed, or cleansed for global investors is critical, but is low-value-add work for the tax function.

Our global team has designed and developed a single fund reporting service for all main fund ranges for global distribution models. The underlying data is extracted through our connections with fund administrators, removing the need to request this data from clients. Our algorithms then cut, enhance, transform, and cleanse that data to address these individual market reporting needs.


Direct access to global specialists

Our global network of industry specialists is made available to you through iPACS Investor Reporting

Powered by technology

Through automated data extraction and internal transformation, we're able to limit the need for manual intervention

Current rates and rules

Investor reporting rates and rules are updated in real time to mitigate inaccurate reporting and payments

Embedded confidentiality

iPACS Investor Reporting is a fully encrypted digital platform with multifactor authorization access


Data extraction directly from more than 30 administrators

Compilation for countries on verified rule packs

Senior sign-out for all returns

Iterative and scalable for changing reporting needs

How it works