Deloitte’s Equity Professional Services

Activating a more equitable future

Deloitte takes a systems-based approach to unlock value, orchestrate equitable outcomes, and promote belonging for all people across our clients’ workforces, marketplaces, and society.

We help you create a more equitable future

Today, we support clients with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges, architecting transformative journeys that enable a more equitable future.

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges require human-centric solutions, centered on the needs of those who are the most historically marginalized. We have learned that equity is a systemic outcome of the work done within the spaces of diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression. We know sustainable change happens in an ecosystem of aligned leaders and strong governance. Deloitte’s Equity Services identify and address the root causes and interrelationships of systemic problems to drive outcomes and impact—both within and outside of your organization.

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Deloitte Equity Services

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Organizations and their leaders face pressure from the workforce, the marketplace, and society at large to do something different today. Deloitte can help.

Deloitte’s differentiated point of view informs our approach to equity professional services

Deloitte’s Equity Activation Model (as published in The Equity Imperative in 2021), acknowledges that business leaders today are facing unprecedented pressure—and therefore have unprecedented opportunity to create a more equitable future both within and outside of their own organizations. The model (see below) outlines the specific actions that every organization can take to activate equity with three interconnected spheres of influence—the workforce, the marketplace, and society.


Equity is the systemic outcome for which organizations can strive. Belonging is the outcome for every individual that comes from a more equitable system. And the everyday actions organizations can take around diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression can enable these outcomes.

This fundamental framework serves as the foundation for all of Deloitte’s Equity Services.

Deloitte’s Equity Smart Suite is here!

The Equity Smart suite enables you and your organization to leverage data to make informed decisions across your organization, workforce, marketplace and society.

The Equity Smart Suite is Deloitte’s premier cross-enterprise DEI analytics tool. It combines Deloitte’s deep expertise in DEI with a market-leading data analytics platform to provide interactive data visualizations and powerful insights to inform DEI performance for an organization’s workforce, customers, suppliers, broader society, and more.

Ongoing measurement via Deloitte’s Equity Smart Suite enables organizations to track real-time progress against organization-specific and standard leading practice metrics, informing and shaping equity strategies across the enterprise!

Example data visualization from Deloitte's Equity Smart Suite

We bring deep subject-matter knowledge alongside tested business acumen

Our diverse team of diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists bring perspectives across industries, sectors, and geographies and draw on the power of Deloitte’s leading practices, proprietary tools, and experience advising the world’s most influential organizations.


To read Deloitte’s latest market-leading research and eminence that informs how we create differentiated, transformational impact for our clients every day, visit our DEI Institute here. To learn more about Deloitte’s own DEI efforts for our workforce, the marketplace, and society, click here.

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Key terms and definitions:

  • Equity: The outcome of diversity and inclusion wherein all people have fair access, opportunity, resources, and power to thrive, with consideration for and elimination of historical and systemic barriers and privileges that cause oppression. Equality, by comparison is when all people are treated identically, without consideration for historical and systemic barriers and privileges.
  • Diversity: The representation, in a group, of various facets of identity, including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ status, socioeconomic status, ability, religion, and age.
  • Inclusion: The actions taken to understand, embrace, and leverage the unique strengths and facets of identity for all individuals so that all feel welcomed, valued, and supported.
  • Anti-oppression: The theory, strategy, and active practice of confronting individual and institutional power and privilege to consistently challenge and dismantle exclusionary and oppressive systems, policies, practices, and organizational values. Anti-oppression recognizes the pervasiveness and seriousness of oppression and actively seeks to challenge, eliminate, and prevent it.


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