The equity imperative

The need for business to take bold action now

Challenge the status quo. Transform long-held beliefs and behaviors. Build a more equitable future, together. Businesses can help lead the way toward equity and our perspective can help you drive the change.

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Equity isn’t just about efforts, it’s about results: measurable and meaningful outcomes in the lives of our people, our communities, our country, and our world.”

—Janet Foutty

Business must act now to build a future of equity

Fighting systemic bias and racism is one of the biggest challenges of our time. And businesses can lead the way. They must take action now to help break down old systems that aren’t working, change beliefs and behaviors, and build a new future of equity. Let’s reflect on some of the realities of racism, envision future scenarios, and move swiftly from intention to action for equity.

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Why equity now?

We break down the problem of systemic racism by the numbers and explain why businesses must take the lead in dismantling it.



Visions of the future, lessons for today

We provide a scenarios-based view of equity in the United States, designed to spark the imagination for how the future may unfold in potentially surprising ways.


PART III: Act now

Actions to drive systemic change

We take an expansive view of the choices leaders face to drive meaningful progress toward equity, both in the workplace and outside their organization.


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