The challenge

Addressing the increasing regulatory and investor demands on fund tax reporting is high on c-suite agendas across the financial investor, investment management, and asset servicer sectors. The financial services industry needs to regularly digest and apply frequent changes to international tax regulations to remain compliant and reputable, while many teams are facing reduced headcount, making the situation even more challenging.

In the current state of heightened competition, cost management of business activities is paramount. Transfer taxes, such as UK stamp duty and the French and Italian financial transaction taxes, have historically been considered an unfortunate cost of business on in-kind equity movements. However, with a little governance, it is possible to realize tax cost savings with a number of exemptions, reliefs, and ruling opportunities.

iPACS Global Transfer Tax provides global transfer tax information and real-time in-kind transition tax illustrations based on your raw custodian data. This allows you to benefit from increased cost transparency, an improved approach to compliance, and increased efficiencies on in-kind transactions.


Keep on top of regulatory change

Supported by our global tax specialists, iPACS Global Transfer Tax is updated in real time with any new regimes or changes to existing transfer tax rules

Support business growth and increase competitive edge

Opportunities to drive transfer tax efficiencies enables investment managers and financial investors to preserve investment value. This can be seen instantly through bespoke transfer tax illustrations

Increased fiduciary compliance

With iPACS Global Transfer Tax, you can fulfil your primary fiduciary duties by providing investors with full cost disclosures while evidencing due care and attention to reduce unnecessary tax costs

Greater tax risk governance profile

An active approach to transfer tax risk management immediately strengthens in-house tax governance for stakeholder reporting. This allows in-house tax teams to focus on higher-value activities

Better anticipation for system and process remediation

Each time you log in to iPACS Global Transfer Tax, you will be notified of any new transfer tax regimes. This allows you to stay ahead of changes that will affect your business so that relevant teams can adjust business and operating models ahead of legislation implementation

More accurate tax information

Rather than relying on paper or static Excel-based matrices, which are rarely updated when transfer tax regulations are changed, you can be confident that the rates and rules displayed in iPACS Global Transfer Tax are accurate and up-to-date


Up-to-date, global transfer tax rates and rules in one simple portal

New regulations or proposed changes delivered as notifications

Instant, real-time illustrations with best practice tips based on raw custodian data

Dedicated support from our UK-based iPACS Global Transfer Tax team

Access to our global transfer tax specialists through a single hub

Configured to fit your business operations

How it works

iPACS Global Transfer Tax Laptop Image