Audit Services

Our team, which is the largest independent audit team in Turkey, consists of experienced and specialized professionals equipped with solid knowledge and long-standing experience in auditing. Our services make a difference thanks to our risk-based audit approach, and our cooperative, easy-to-consult with, easily accessible team that understands the needs of our clients.

Independent Audit

  • It pertains to the use of audit procedures and report the accuracy of a company’s financial information as well as the extent to which it complies with regulations and accounting standards.
  • Reviewing the accounting policies and accounting  estimates carried out by the entity’s management

 Limited Review

  • Gathering information from those in charge of financial reporting processes
  • Performing analytical review and other review technics

Agreed-Upon Procedures 

Mutually agreeing on operations and/or applications to be used for work that is inside the scope of audit, and reporting of actual findings

Financial Statement Preparation Service

  • Acquisition, classification, and summary of financial information
  • Preparing of financial statements (which may or may not be a complete set)

Compliance Audit

Evaluating whether the financial  or operational functions of a certain entity are in compliance with the laws, regulations, company policies etc.