Our Audit Approach

The best Service starts by getting to know you… Through our risk-based audit approach and Professional engagement team experienced in your industry, your business is our priority.

We focus on audit quality in our services. As audit professionals, our main aim is to fulfill our duties and responsibilities to top management, board of directors and shareholders of our clients in relation to the issuance of our audit opinion based on the financial statements.

Our methodology, known as Deloitte Audit, is an innovative, technology-driven, business-focused and year-round audit approach that requires a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ operations. We offer high quality and risk-mitigating audit services as a part of the financial statement audit process.

Overview of our Audit Approach:

  • Planning and coordination with no last minute surprises,
  • Leveraging industry focused and advanced technologies,
  • Providing ongoing communication to discuss audit and accounting issues.

1. Completing Planning Process

  • Assess and respond to engagement risk
  • Selecting engagement team and establishing terms of engagement
  • Acquiring comprehensive information regarding company activities and accounting processes
  • Understanding entity-level and process-level controls
  • Determine planning materiality
  • Preparing and presenting an audit plan

2. Developing of Audit Plan

  • Assessing risk at account balance and potential error levels
  • Planning test of controls
  • Planning the use of the work of others
  • Planning substantive tests

3. Executing of Audit Plan

  • Performing test of controls
  • Testing entity-level controls and  process-level controls
  • Evaluating control deficiencies
  • Performing substantive tests

4. Reporting and Assessing Performance

  • Performing subsequent events review
  • Obtaining management representations
  • Completing engagement reporting and issue audit report and management letter
  • Summarizing  audit results for the management and owners
  • Assessing engagement quality