Managing digital risk to support aviation innovation

An increasing number of companies have been hit with cyber-attacks that extend well beyond the typical breach of employee or customer data, disrupting day-to-day operations, imposing irreparable reputation damage, and for the aviation industry, threatening lives.

Given the nature of the aviation business and inherent risks to passenger safety, the majority of airlines are well-versed in incident response and crisis management. However, cyber attacks pose far different and more complex safety issues than the traditional safety issues of the past. Therefore, an organization should not only take reasonable steps to protect its data, applications, and infrastructure, but should also minimize the damage of successful attacks, and return to normal operations as soon as possible.

To effectively manage cyber risk, an organization must be:

  • Secure: Protection against known and emerging threats across the ecosystem
  • Vigilant: Pre-emptive visibility and situational awareness
  • Resilient: Capability to recover when incidents occur
Managing digital risk to support aviation innovation
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