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Tech Trends 2017 and the Power Industry

Disrupting the Utility

This report is a spin-off to the Deloitte’s annual flagship report, Tech Trends 2017, and talks about how the key trends presented in the underlying report are likely to impact the power and utilities industry.

Utilities are surrounded by numerous emerging technologies that embody potential. But, which technologies have the ultimate potential to deliver real value? Cutting through the hyperbole to identify those most critical and disruptive innovations is important. To realize that potential, utilities should become “kinetic enterprises” where the only constant is change. Right from virtualization to machine intelligence, blockchain, and dark analytics, this report analyzes the trends that could disrupt utilities in the next 18-24 months. While experimenting with new trends is a high-stakes endeavor, there’s no sitting on the sidelines when it comes to some of these trends. 

Tech Trends 2017 and the Power Industry: Disrupting the Utility
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