​Putting the nectar in the sector

Making insurance careers more attractive

How can insurers attract quality graduates? This report addresses the common misconceptions graduates have about insurance and highlights the underplayed industry strengths insurers should use to better attract talent in the future.

The Deloitte Talent in Insurance survey 2015, produced in collaboration with Universum, surveyed 211,000 business students from more than 2,000 universities and institutes of higher education in 55 countries. We asked them about their intentions, aspirations and expectations in relation to insurance careers.

Talent is a critical issue for insurers and the survey results show that unfortunately it remains an unpopular career choice. Our research has uncovered three major misperceptions about insurance careers:

  1. that they are a poor career platform
  2. they are domestically focused
  3. they lack innovation

These misperceptions appear to be putting off many graduates, but the good news is that there are a number of quick wins. Read the report to understand these misperceptions and how you can address them in order to better attract top talent.

Talent in Insurance 2015
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