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Women in Finance in Turkey 

When the concepts of ‘woman’ and ‘business’ come together, the discussion often focuses only on the gender labor force participation gap. This is both a global and local issue. In the world, the male labor force participation rate is about 80%, while the female labor force participation rate is about 50%. For Turkey, these rates are 71.6% and 31.5% respectively. Although these rates are alarming, this is not the only issue to be discussed about women in the business world. Even in countries and sectors where women have a high representation, there are important problems women employees face in the axis of gender inequality. For example, in Turkey, the representation of women in the finance sector is over 50%. However, this rate is not representative of the leadership level of women in finance, neither does it mean that the finance sector is an excellent option for women. According to the results of the 'Women in Finance in Turkey' survey conducted in collaboration with Deloitte and CFA Society Istanbul, there are many issues to be improved for women in finance in Turkey.

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