2018 Global health care outlook

The evolution of smart health care

The ever-evolving policies, processes, and capabilities are challenging the delivery of smart health care, given the magnitude and complexity of the global health care market. Amidst this, technological advances currently shaping the sector continue to have a dramatic impact on the health and wellbeing of consumers around the world.

This 2018 outlook reviews the current state of the global health care sector and explores trends and issues impacting health care providers, governments, other payers, and patients. It also lays out suggestions for providers, payers, governments and consumers who are constantly looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centered, technology-enabled “smart” health care, both inside and outside hospital walls. The trends in data management and security include cognitive computing, cloud-based, interoperable electronic health records, and Internet of Things (IoT)

2018 Global health care outlook
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