Program Management

Program Management ensures the integrity of projects carried out under the direction of senior management by identifying the links between projects and monitoring the coherency of the overall program with general business goals.

  • Utilizing Deloitte’s flexible program management methodologies and tools within an institution, and the possibility to apply them in different programs.
  • Ensuring the coherency between corporate restructuring projects and strategic objectives.
  • Increasing the success rate of project objectives in terms of quality, budget, scope, and duration; ensuring structured and quick performance reporting in relation to these issues.
  • Preventing resource competition and duplication of work between projects and ensuring optimal use of resources.
  • Accurate determination of the expected benefits of the projects, and metrics; monitoring the realization of targeted benefits.
  • Early detection and minimizing of program risks; understanding and dealing with these potential risks.

Benefits of Deloitte’s Program Management approach

  • Comprehensive understanding of the problems tackled by the program.
  • Expertise in managing large-scale projects in relation to complex technical infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the legal environment within which the program will be executed.
  • Effective communication skills for effective management of project members and partners as well as internal and external stakeholders.

Critical factors for successful management of complex projects

Deloitte IPMO proactive management approach provides effective support to the program manager. iPMO consists of Deloitte’s Project Management methodology and accesses expert consultants from related areas:

  • The Deloitte IPMO brings together a team that has a combination of necessary expertise and project management skills.
  • Deloitte IPMO defines potential risk and counters it through timely coordination and command of both strategic program management and project details.
  • The project manager focuses on strategic vision and stakeholder value while delegating the management of the program to a competent team.

Deloitte’s local and global expertise in the PMO offers services at the initiation phase and provides support to companies in managing configuration projects and achieving strategic objectives. We provide support to our clients who want to manage current and future projects in line with corporate objectives and in the most effective and efficient way.  

Deloitte IPMO Approach (Intelligent Program Management Office)

Our Services

Who do we work with

We provide support to our clients who want to manage current and future projects in line with corporate objectives and in the most effective and efficient way.

Our services

  • Defining PMO organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Defining the program management methodology and tools and also providing relevant training.
  • Prioritization of the current project portfolio within the framework of the program management methodology.
  • The identification and implementation of the road map.
  • The creation of program management, reporting, and monitoring tools.

Establishment of PMO

Deloitte performs PMO role for a certain amount of time on behalf of our clients to support them through their (re)structuring projects and to help them achieve their strategic goals.

We work with

Deloitte provides program management support to companies regarding identification, prioritization, and monitoring of the project portfolio including preparation of status reports and risk logs to all stakeholders, and the determination of action plans.

Our services  

  • A realistic identification of the expected benefits and metrics.
  • Defining the demand management processes, tasks, and responsibilities.
  • Support in prioritizing the project portfolio and creating the road map through Deloitte program management methodology and tools.
  • Monitoring project quality, budget, scope, and duration targets and support in determining actions to be taken.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Reporting to senior management and project stakeholders.
  • Conducting trainings in relation to program management.

Acting as PMO on behalf of our clients