Distribution Management

Supply Chain Management

Warehousing and distribution are two of the most problematic processes for companies due to issues such as high stock levels, scraps, low order fulfillment performance, unpredictable stock turns and high costs.

We offer several services focused on warehouse management, and helps clients create a competitive advantage by managing warehouse operations effectively. In addition to strategic services offered such as location selection (under the scope of supply chain network design), warehouse management tool selection, design, and implementation. We offer operational improvement projects focusing on receiving, storing, and order picking processes. We also provide consulting services for system and technology integration for warehouse operations such as RFID.

Warehouse Operations Design

Although transportation is simply considered to be the basic task of transferring goods into/between warehouses and to customers, it might cause significant increase to cost unless planned and managed effectively. Deciding on complex transportation issues such as transportation type (air, railway, and sea), fleet size, and routing may be costly and requires optimization to be managed effectively.

We offer our expertise on transportation process design, capacity and vehicle utilization, route optimization, transportation management system selection, and the implementation that will enable the warehouse capacity to be utilized in the most efficient way.

Transportation Operations Design