Strategic Sourcing Management

Strategic supply management aims to improve quality and service while reducing the total cost of purchased materials, products, and services. In other words, strategic supply management is the process of making private contracts with suppliers to achieve corporate goals as a result of the assessments in order to streamline cost and productivity.

The first step in the strategic supply process is to identify clear expectations for material, products, and services. In this step, analysis of expenses for raw materials, finished products as well as all items to be purchased such as office supplies, maintenance, security, and distribution is performed. Then, a detailed comparison of current and prospective suppliers is made and the suppliers providing the lowest total cost while meeting all other expectations are selected. In the last stage, a structure for continuous improvement is developed by designing processes that ensure regular monitoring of the performance of suppliers.

Our approach, beginning with sourcing and procurement goes far beyond negotiating price with suppliers. Our methodology, which has proven successful time and time again, is used on strategic supply projects worldwide, helps our clients reduce total purchasing expenses and ensures high-quality service from suppliers within market pace.