Supply Chain Network Design

Supply Chain Management

In today’s dynamic world, markets are always on the move. Customer portfolios, competition, customer expectations, costs, suppliers, regulations, products, business practices, industrial plants, and technological infrastructure are developing and changing on a daily basis. However, as all these changes take place, supply chain networks stay relatively stable. Most supply chain networks are built in a way that met the needs of the past rather than the requirements of the future. Usually, they are designed to serve local markets instead of regional and global markets. At this stage, companies should ask themselves:

“Is the current network structure supporting new business models and goals?” 

We help our clients in terms of network design and we make sure that the network from suppliers to production, distribution, and customers can meet our client’s needs. We ensure that the best network model has been determined through simulations that will compare alternative models and their impact on the bottom-line. While designing the network, we also consider the effects of tax related issues and make sure that the model is also the best option when considered from a tax point of view.