Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

Deloitte's Corporate and Business Unit Strategy consultants help the largest and most innovative companies define their strategic direction and make key decisions, both at the level of the whole corporation and for specific business units or geographies. This includes strategic planning, growth identification (organic and inorganic), portfolio optimization, scenario planning under uncertainty, new market strategy, and competitive strategy.   We also go beyond strategy definition to help organizations take the next steps to execute their strategy and make it real. This includes strategic cost reduction programs, M&A strategy, and strategic systems and capability design. From strategy to implementation, we offer custom-tailored services and deep industry insights to tackle the most complex challenges in business.

Most business leaders have a clear vision for their company; but converting that vision into a game plan that translates into tangible actions, goals, and a successful outcome is challenging. Strategic vision is often associated with annual budget planning in many companies, and therefore, a true understanding of strategy and its evaluation process cannot take place. Corporate and business unit strategies enable an organization to achieve and sustain superior overall performance and returns. Such strategies encompass a range of critical activities, from defining corporate vision to translating it into appropriate strategic choices facilitating long-term goals both at the corporate and business unit levels.

Our corporate and business unit strategy services bring our clients world-class insights, profound industry knowledge, and years of hands-on experience; plus, by linking company competencies with market conditions and opportunities and risks, we help them develop their corporate strategy and create long-term value. We help corporate leaders render their vision into a coherent strategy, making the right trade-offs in allocating resources, and pursuing opportunities beyond their current business portfolio. At the same time, we work with business unit leaders on their most challenging issues to help them succeed in the marketplace.

Our Services

  • Develop Corporate Vision and Strategy
  • Develop Business Unit Strategy
  • Define Growth and Expansion Strategy
  • Define Market, Competitive, and Brand Strategy
  • Develop Sectorial Strategies and Road Maps
  • Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management