International Expansion Strategy


Deloitte, through its successful global network of sector and strategy experts, provides services for determining efficient international expansion strategies.

Many companies invest and build capacity for creating economies of scale. Companies target expansion into new markets by efficiently using their potential and creating additional sustainable income opportunities. In light of this, there are various opportunities both in developed countries, where there is larger demand, and in developing countries where there is increasing demand. Companies need to target and plan their international growth strategy for success.

An international expansion strategy comprises market entry strategy including crucial choices in regard to primary markets of focus, determination of target customer and channel strategy, resource allocation, product and service value offerings, brand positioning, and creation of an operating model. A successful market penetration strategy ensures the most suitable and efficient use of corporate resources and helps companies increase their success.

Our Services

  • Target Market Selection
  • Detailed market analysis (market size and growth potential, customer, competition, channel analysis, working medium, economy, investment medium analysis, etc.)
  • Determining market entry strategies (deciding value proposal, positioning of the brand, target customer, product, determining price levels and channel strategy)
  • Determining operational and organizational model
  • Conducting feasibility analysis
  • Determining road map and action plan
  • Providing support in business partner selection and in the preparation of commercial agreements
  • Providing consultancy on law, legislation, and tax issues
  • Determination of production facility location

Who do we work with?

Within the context of our international expansion strategy, we support companies entering into international markets so sustainable and profitable growth can be one of their main strategies as they plan to establish production facilities abroad. We also provide services to international companies that operate abroad and plan to enter into the local market.

Benefits of our services

  • We help in the wise and efficient distribution of limited institutional resources to the countries where the company operates in.
  • We enable the development of data-based market penetration strategies, which will help sound decisions and ensure return on investment.
  • We apply the right brand positioning strategy to avoid misperceptions and help create a dynamic brand that evolves based on brand ethos.
  • We help develop the right organizational and operational model that will actualize the determined strategy.