Market and Channel Strategy


With changing market and competition conditions, a company cannot only focus on targeting the right customers, products and services, but also must find the right channels to convey these products and services to the market.Creating the right channel structure is crucial for increasing efficiency and penetration into the market and to develop value propositions for these channels, which are in line with channel expectations. A well-planned channel strategy and value propositions enable companies to create their desired reach and increase access to their target customers.

Our Services

  • Analysis of the market, channel structure, and performance of the company within the market
  • Channel-based opportunity and risk analysis
  • Creating the channel and market strategies that enable reaching target customers
  • Creating channel value propositions (products, services, pricing structure, etc.)
  • Developing strategic road map

Who do we work with?

Within the context of market and channel strategy, we provide services to companies that plan to focus on growing their current market and/or enter new markets as well as international companies planning to enter into local markets.

Benefits of our services

  • We support our clients’ penetration, growth and expansion in their targeted market.
  • We enable building of channel structures that support growth and work hand-in-hand with corporate and brand strategy.
  • We help determine the structure that will enable products and services to reach target customers at the right time and under the best conditions.