Sales Force Effectiveness


The changing market environment and intensified competition has led to more demanding customers and pressure on prices causing a sharp slowdown in income growth and lower profit margins.  Longer sales cycle, more demanding customers and the difficulties in making sales necessitate a competent sales force. Thus efficient sales processes and the technology enabling these processes become more important.

Selling does not equal a short phone call followed by a face-to-face sales pitch and a signed contract; the truth is that effective selling begins well before the first phone call and continues long after the pitch is delivered and the deal is signed. Today, selling has become highly strategic as it aims to sustain longer-term relationships with customers and adopt innovative methods and technologies for that purpose.

  • Sales organization model structuring
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales processes
  • Defining strategic competencies and the sales skills of the sales team
  • Designing the KPIs and premium systems in line with strategic and financial targets
  • Selecting and implementing suitable sales force automation technology to increase control levels, tracking, and transparency

Our Services

Within the context of ‘‘sales force effectiveness’’, we work with companies that aim to improve the performance of sales teams, shorten sales cycle  and increase sales through organizational restructuring, processes and methods, sales team strategy, competency models, and performance management. We also provide services to companies that are geared towards efficiency and simplifying sales processes through technology integration and automation.

Who do we work with?

We help our clients improve sales force effectiveness with services that span these areas:

  • We enable organizational structuring, definition of roles and responsibilities, and the redesign of sales processes and approaches.
  • We develop road maps and identify necessary competencies for creating a more capable sales force that works toward attaining sustainable customer relationships.
  • We design performance metrics and reward systems to improve sales force effectiveness and motivation.
  • We deliver support in the implementation of efficient technological solutions in sales operations.

Benefits of our services