Operating Model Transformation

Deloitte focuses on helping clients transform the efficiency and effectiveness of their large-scale operational processes to continually improve the core operation of their service organization.  

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Target Operating Model (TOM) aims to create the optimal business architecture for successful strategy actualization. TOM is designed according to strategic operational decisions as to the questions regarding which functions to share, how to shape the budget and size of the functions and where and by whom the operations should be conducted. TOM comprises all the elements enabling the application of the vision and strategy such as human capital, organization, process, and technology.

Target Operating Model

Leveraging a wide range of modern approaches and systems, such as process restructuring, lean manufacturing disciplines, Six Sigma, total quality management (TQM) and proprietary process simulations, and utilizing change management capabilities and models tailored to specific needs, we provide consulting services to support suitable strategy selection and realization of strategic goals.

Process Transformation

Business leaders and program managers often tend to think that it is solely their responsibility to develop new business models and that employees only need to follow their instructions within this process. Furthermore, they often think that employees constitute a stumbling block toward change. However, most efficient global firms know that operational excellence can only be achieved by gaining the full commitment of all the employees to new ways of working. The front-office and sales teams acquire the best insights regarding customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiency; and they play a key role in regard to change and improvement areas. An organization’s employees play a crucial role during the transition process of a company as the architects of the new process.

Deloitte provides services in relation to creating a corporate culture that desires and works toward continuous improvement providing the tools to enable and obtain long-lasting and self-sustaining growth.

Continuous Improvement