Sectorial Restructuring and Regulatory Frameworks

In the last decade, Turkey has undergone a radical change in numerous sectors, in particular, electricity; natural gas; health and telecommunication; and the reform and liberalization process within these sectors, which  is still going on at a fast pace. Within this framework – and compared with the late 90s – significant progress has been made due to the corporate restructuring of public organizations, the advances made in privatization, and the increasing power of private sector companies in the market. In light of these developments, these sectors have begun to attract the attention of foreign as well as domestic investors.

During this ongoing process, Deloitte – in collaboration with regulatory authorities and in accordance with the objectives determined– offers consultancy services to various public institutions and organizations operating in the sectors that are subject to regulation.

  • Market design services for the markets under the liberalization process.
  • Consultancy services related to regulatory framework in line with the designated market rules: consistency and impact analysis of regulatory framework, preparation of regulations consisting of laws, regulations, principles, and procedures.
  • Offering technical assistance during the processes of design, development, and implementation of market-law-compliant infrastructure.
  • Offering training services regarding related legislations and market rules.

Our Services

We provide services to public institutions and organizations operating in the sectors subject to regulation, and we support the establishment and operation of an effective, transparent, and competitive market.

Who we work with?

  • We support our clients contributing to the restructuring and operation of liberalized energy markets and other sectors.
  • We help define market rules through our consulting services regarding regulations and legislation.
  • We make working within the sector easy and accessible to all stakeholders through infrastructure design and development.

Benefits of our services