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Sworn Financial Advisory Services

Deloitte Sworn Financial Advisory Services ensure early detection of issues that may cause tax audit and tax dispute risk by its technology and risk-oriented audit approach and aim to reveal legitimate optimum solutions and opportunities.

Tax Auditing and Full Certification:

•Checking the accuracy of financial statement items.

•Analyzing e-ledger, e-invoice, and e-tax returns in accordance with scripted scenarios in digital platform, early detection and reporting risks

•Controlling of foreign invoices in terms of withholding tax and reverse charge value-added tax liability.

•Analysis of transactions carried out with related parties.

•Identification of tax risks and opportunities.

•Providing regular information about changes in tax legislation.

•Verification of corporate tax base and preparation of full certification report.

Tax Advisory Services

•Advisory on compliance with relevant legislations, optimization of tax costs, and
management of tax risks.

•Tax Check-Up

•Identification of tax risks and opportunities with the audit conducted by Deloitte.

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