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Sworn Fiscal Advisory Services

Corporation Tax Return Certification services assist tax payers in terms of adapting to the ongoing legal developments and fulfilling their tax duties in a secured way. In the frame of Corporation Tax Return Certification services, tax payer’s financial statements and tax returns are subjected to a compliance audit as per the related tax regulations as well as the accounting principles and standards. As such, Corporate Tax Certification services not only minimize the tax payers’ erroneous tax applications but also prepares them for a possible tax audit by the Tax Authority, who has been putting efforts to increase the efficiency and prevalence of tax audits, via broadening the scope of risk analysis-based tax audit system.

Corporation tax return certification

The scope of annual corporation tax return certification services comprises in detail:

  • Tax audit of the statutory accounts to check compliance with the Turkish Tax Procedures Code,
  • Reviewing the compliance of the accounting system in accordance with the Accounting System Application General Communiqués,
  • Checking the statutory books and documentation in compliance with the Turkish Tax Procedures Code,
  • Compliance check visits on a quarterly basis to ensure the correctness of advance corporation tax return filing,
  • Checking of the accuracy of year-end calculations and valuations which affect the determination of corporate tax liabilities (inflation accounting applications (if any), depreciation, valuations of foreign currency denominated assets and liabilities, determination of disallowable expenses etc.),
  • Checking of disallowable and deductible expenses for the purpose of the proper determination of the corporate tax base,
  • Checking accuracy of the annual corporate tax return and its attachments,
  • Submission of tax audit report to the tax office

Other certification services

  • Certification of paid-in capital amount prior to capital increase
  • Certification of revaluation fund and other internal reserves which can be added to capital
  • Certification of investment allowance exemption
  • Certification of VAT refund
  • Certification of income exempt from corporation tax
  • Other certification services of specific purpose in accordance with the legislation governing such services