E-Transformation Services

While digital transformation changes the ways of doing business of companies even the concept of the workplace, it also impacts the policies and procedures of states. E-Transformation process imposes obligations to companies about transforming their transactions such as e-invoice, e-ledger, and document, e-archive, e-ticket, e-recording, new generation cash registers, etc. It also enabled developments such as the transfer of tax inspection processes to the digital environment and the establishment of digital tax offices.

Deloitte Turkey E-Transformation team help businesses to comply with legal requirements, to gain efficiency increase by automatizing tax processes and access meaningful reports by processing electronic data.

E-Application Advisory

•Identification of the business’ obligations to use e-application.

•Control and follow up of e-application applications.

•Advising the most convenient e-application method fitting the business’ workflow and developing products maximizing the benefits of e-application data.

•Playing a coordination role between customers and other solution partners in the process of transition to e-application.

•Control of the e-application system in terms of compliance with the relevant legislation after the implementation.

Automation of Tax Processes

•Automating the lists and reports required in tax processes using tax technologies.

Analysis of E-Application Outputs

•Analyzing and reporting the data obtained from the e-application systems based on scripted scenarios using tax technologies.


İsmail Yavuz