Global employer services - overview


Global Employer Services

Deloitte Global Employer Services focus on requirements for individuals and institutions within the scope of an international assignment and provides them to manage the process the most efficiently. It assists to reduce risks by following the requirements according to governmental authorities in the most appropriate way.

Income Tax Compliance and Consulting Services

•Determination of international assignment policies.

•Individual annual income tax return advisory services.

•Realization of tax reconciliation transactions and applications for rulings.

•Counseling on tax base increase and tax amnesty practices.

•Income tax advisory within the framework of double tax agreements.

Social Security Services

•Social security advisory services within the scope of international assignments.

•Executing social security exemption and health exemption document applications.

•Service indebtedness and voluntary social security applications.

Immigration Services

•Advisory on visa regimes for foreigners.

•Applying for a residence permit and obtaining a temporary foreign identification number.

•Applying for a work visa and work permit for foreign employees.

•Executing Foreigners' Turkish Republic citizenship applications.

•Application for diploma equivalency on behalf of foreigners.

•Conversion of foreign driver's license to Turkish driver's license.

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