Indirect tax


Indirect Tax Services 

Indirect taxes which are one of the most significant inputs of government budget impact on one operation’ almost all transactions. Deloitte’s indirect tax specialists provide companies with effective management with tax optimization.

VAT Refund Services

•Executing and following up on the whole process from controlling VAT refund amount to the preparation of the report and submitting it to the tax office and the finalization of VAT Refund Certification report.

VAT Refund Documentation and Technical Support Services

•Within the scope of VAT refund, providing documentation and technical support services on all matters that the company may need from the application stage to the finalization of the process. Ensuring that VAT refund applications are concluded as soon as possible without any issues, by working closely and coordinately with the tax offices.

Advisory Services

•Providing advisory services on the optimum management of all indirect taxes; VAT, SCT, stamp duty, digital service tax, special VAT liability for electronic service providers, Resource Utilization Support Fund, bank and insurance transaction tax, etc. 

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