Indirect tax


Indirect Tax

With indirect tax becoming many governments' preferred method of revenue raising, and evermore complicated regulations focused on combatting fraud, it’s more critical than ever to manage indirect tax compliance and cash flows. Deloitte’s network of indirect tax experts is well informed and understands the nuances of regulations, the importance of deep industry knowledge and the growing role of technology experience.

Indirect Tax (VAT and other indirect taxes)

Deloitte’s Indirect Tax professionals provide advice on VAT and other indirect taxes. We offer indirect tax solutions for a wide range of issues and industry sectors.

We have over 30 TR specialists dedicated to providing the best advice to our clients. We focus completely on providing commercial solutions which improve compliance and ensure tax benefits are optimized. Our clients come from all types of industry sectors and range from non-profit making bodies to major multinationals to smaller owner-managed businesses.

Through our VAT professionals, you have access to a wide variety of experiences and skills, extensive specialization, strength in depth and a powerful global network of tax and related resources.

Deloitte performs indirect tax services on fields below;

  • Value Added Tax
  • Special Consumption Tax
  • Special Communication Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Other Indirect Taxes and Funds

Failing to account for VAT and other indirect Taxes correctly can have a significant impact on business costs and cash flows.  Deloitte can help businesses to reduce costs, manage risk, and gain confidence about the way they are managing their indirect tax affairs.

Our services include:

Indirect Tax Consulting
VAT Refund Services
Special Consumption Tax
Tax Consulting Services on Other Indirect Taxes


Customs and Global Trade

You can trust global resources; knowledge and experience provided by Deloitte while conducting your customs and foreign trade operations.

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