Mergers and acquisitions - Tax


Mergers and Acquisitions

Deloitte specialists enable companies to uncover unforeseen tax risks in mergers, acquisitions, and tax restructuring processes. They support companies to make strategic decisions during the decision-making process with their qualified advisory services.

Tax Due Diligence

•Executing tax due diligence studies on the buyer or seller side during the share purchasing and disposal processes of companies. Identifying significant tax risks that may affect the valuation and purchasing decisions of companies. Carrying out high-level investigations to determine under-declared tax liabilities and providing technical advisory services in the light of the findings.

Tax Restructuring Advisory

•Analyzing and reporting the situations that may affect the future cash flow and earnings by proposing alternative structures within the scope of tax structuring studies of companies. In this context, determining the most appropriate purchasing and financing structure, tax procedures encountered during the transfer of profit to the country of origin and exit from the investment, examination of legal documents in purchase and sale transactions, evaluating of the purchasing structure of the parties with shareholders and tax consultants and providing advisory services on specific tax issues that may arise.

Tax Due Diligence Preparation

•Preliminary support for shareholders wishing to sell their shares, in identifying potential tax risks before the tax due diligence studies to be carried out by the buyer.


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