Information and Communications Technology Market in Turkey

2017 Market Data

The Turkish Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector grew by 18.2% and reached 116.9 billion TL in 2017. The market breakdown is as follows:

Communications Technologies:

·         Electronic Communications: 51.1 billion TL (with a 12.6% growth)

·         Communications Equipment: 24.5 billion TL (with a 30.3% growth)

Information Technologies:

·         Hardware: 16.0 billion TL (with a 13.8% growth)

·         Software: 18.8 billion TL (with a 20.5% growth)

·         IT Services: 6.4 billion TL (with a 29.1% growth)

Turkish ICT sector has also expanded in terms of workforce and reached to 128 thousand employees. Sector employs 27% woman professionals and 70% university graduates.

The total export volume of the sector is 4.7 billion TL which grew by 33% year-over-year.

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