e-commerce in Turkey

e-commerce business is growing very fast in Turkey as it is worldwide. However, lack of data is a big problem for e-commerce sector. It causes difficulties to determine the size of the sector as it is a new sector.

This report includes data which sector leaders and ETID members reevaluated the e-commerce ecosystem in the developed countries, visitor numbers, average market size and turnover rates that have been researched.

These research shows that there is 14 billion TL market for e-commerce sector. Within 7,3 billion TL of retail sector size, e-commerce has only 1,3% share. Comparing to the developed countries, there is a huge potential for the following years in terms of e-commerce business in Turkey.

This report will be published every following year to keep track of the growth rates and development in the e-commerce sector.

e-commerce in Turkey
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