Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are now at the core of many organizations’ IT structure. Many companies invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) business intelligence and sectorial software solutions in order to achieve an integrated, efficient, automated, and standardized infrastructure.

We help clients solve complex business issues and manage complicated business processes with our expertise in regard to efficient processes, extensive technological know-how, legislative knowledge, distinctive project approach, and vast industry experience.

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Regardless of the software package used, selecting the right business partner is crucial for its successful application. Deloitte is among the world's leading enterprise applications partners. Our unrivalled business and systems integration know-how comes from thousands of successful implementations at a wealth of top-tier companies.  We have completed numerous comprehensive, complex, and successful implementations in Turkey. Holding high-level strategic partnerships with Oracle and SAP, Deloitte continues to be the first choice of many companies as well as earning prestigious prizes within the industry.

We believe that software applications provide a unique opportunity for the redesign and improvement of a company’s business processes, organizational structure, and information systems infrastructure.

For this reason, Deloitte aims to create continuous added value through flexible, sustainable applications which meet the business and sectorial needs of a company. Furthermore, we believe that a powerful and proven methodology is also indispensable for successful application. Deloitte’s EVD – Enterprise Value DeliveryTM methodology is a valuable and effective tool that has been created using our in-depth implementation experience and which is continuously updated.  

Furthermore, enterprise application is not only limited to enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other system implementations. The ERP journey does not start with implementation, but with a 'decision to implement'. Such a decision is a tough one to make and brings with it certain difficulties. Deloitte guides clients towards the right choices through its Pre-Implementation Review and Packet Selection services. Contrary to popular belief, the ERP journey does not end with going live; in fact, it forms a new beginning within this journey.  In the post-implementation period, Deloitte supports its clients through its 'Roll-Out', 'Learning' and 'Post-Implementation Review'.

Our services within this context include:

  • Pre-implementation review and value case analysis
  • Defining needs and ERP package selection
  • ERP Implementation
  • Implementation integration
  • Roll-out
  • Implementation training
  • Post-implementation review
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance