SAP - Finance Transformation

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Many finance transformation leaders report that they build their approach from scratch, improvising as they go along. There’s no such thing as a transformation playbook, they say. While it’s true that organizations have different needs, it’s also true that transformation projects share many of the same challenges and approaches regardless of industry or company. Deloitte’s finance transformation practice is recognized as a global leader, known equally for insights into the challenges of finance as for our mastery of the technology required to bring about change.      

Working with SAP, we have developed an approach that draws upon our experience helping some of the largest and most complex financial organizations in the world generate the right results from their transformation initiatives.

Here are some of the ways we can help clients

  • Finance-focused implementation of the latest SAP software offerings including Enterprise Performance Management, Governance Risk and Controls, Strategy Management and BusinessObjects
  • Closing improvements using Redwood’s Fast Close Cockpit for SAP
  • Post-implementation improvements, streamlining SAP solutions such as data cleansing, allocation redesign, and information and report simplification
  • Balanced and cascading scorecard implementation

Bottom-line benefits

  • Improve finance’s operating effectiveness while reducing costs
  • Produce timely financial reports for management and regulatory purposes
  • Support the organization’s growth strategies by helping the business tackle key challenges such as International Financial Reporting Standards, global consolidation and mergers and acquisitions
  • Streamline the process for integrating newly acquired businesses
  • Develop solutions that align with global accounting and reporting standards
  • Quickly and easily produce consolidated financial reports across disparate entities