IT Strategy Services

Our Services

Our experienced consultants offer a comprehensive set of services and approaches to IT strategy. We integrate our industry experience, competency on business unit requirements, management capacity, international expertise and in-depth technical knowledge to provide the following services:

  • IT Strategy and Planning: Improvement, updating, and integration of business and IT strategies for continuous evaluation of changing market conditions and new opportunities.
  • IT Value Management: Supporting our clients with required processes and tools for enabling them to operate their IT functions as an independent organization.
  • IT Transformation: Leading our customers in necessary technology operations and restructuring within their organization for realizing their IT vision.
  • IT Resource Usage: Examining the cost structures and service levels of current internal or external resources. Assessing alternative solutions which can improve the level of service and of cost management through methods such as internal regulations, vendor selection, and contract management.
  • IT Current Situation Analysis: Evaluation of the risks and strengths of the current IT structure from a wide perspective and various IT approaches.
  • High-Level IT Structuring: Creation of IT strategy and plans, development and application of initiatives and monitoring IT operations, supporting institutionalization in a way to minimize risk and maximize profit and to create value for today and the future

Our Powerful and Flexible Tools

Our professional teams utilize a wide range of tools, models, methods, management and diagnostics framework for speeding up projects and increasing project quality. These powerful, yet flexible methodologies and tools constitute a concrete infrastructure that ensures a rapid start to projects and can be customized based on the institution and case-specific situations. Some of our tools are:

CIO Management FrameworkTM includes the key disciplines, processes, organizational structures, performance criteria, and tools necessary for IT projects and operations of large institutions.

Enterprise Value Map reveals the practical connections between the value provided to the shareholder and the actions that companies could take to obtain these results.