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Technology Integration

Deloitte’s technology integration services provide comprehensive solutions that help to better manage crucial and sensitive businesses that cover a client’s technological organization and asset portfolio. Within this context, Deloitte provides both IT consulting and integration services.

IT Strategy Services

Our experienced consultants offer a comprehensive set of services and approaches to IT strategy. We integrate our industry experience, competency on business unit requirements, management capacity, international expertise and in-depth technical knowledge to provide value-added services.

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Enterprise System Integration Services

In today's technology-driven business environment aligning business priorities and targets with technological infrastructure and performance is vital for success. As a result of enterprise systems integration, it is possible to decrease cost and risk levels in corporate IT operations and also to improve the performance and development tracking time.

Our services include…

· IT service delivery

· IT service Support

· Implementation method

· Information infrastructure management

Our services are wide ranging spanning from defining functional requirements, purchasing, testing, application, and roll-out to the continuous support of the IT infrastructure.

Software Development Services

At Deloitte Consulting our aim is to create solutions addressing our clients' business requirements in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Our software development team facilitates success by decreasing costs and achieving the rapid execution of wide-scale applications by means of their extensive experience, globally-proven methodologies, processes, tools, and the necessary framework to manage each step of the process.   

Software development services are often applied together with our consulting services within the context of strategy and operations; and we provide special application software for solving the problems faced by our clients.

Business Intelligence Service

The information a company creates is among its most valuable assets. Our business intelligence services can help you design, improve and implement technology and processes that would enable data gathering, storage, analysis and intra- and inter-company data circulation both within and outside of the corporation.

Our services are comprised of corporate information strategies and architecture, data storage and business intelligence applications.