audit reform


Auditor voices and views from the European Union

Audit reform

Deloitte audit & assurance partners share their personal perspectives on the auditing profession.

The business of audit & assurance is likely to continue to be the subject of high profile debate as audit reforms continue.

While the discussion swirls around the "What," "How," and "When" of reform, the question of "Who" is of equal, if not greater importance. After all, it's the auditors who drive audit quality. So, who are the people engaged in this line of work, how do they feel about the profession, and what makes them tick?

Get to know a few of Deloitte's emerging audit leaders - representing France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom - as they share insights and experiences about the pride they have in their profession and its impact on business and society, how Deloitte is contributing to audit quality, and what they are looking forward to most in their careers.

Deloitte audit & assurance partners share personal perspectives on their profession, how it impacts business and society, and what's next on their horizons. Watch below.

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