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2023 Transparency Report

Deloitte Taiwan

The Deloitte Taiwan Transparency Report contains disclosures of our legal structure, governance, the system of quality management, ethics and independence principles, and audit quality indicators in our Audit & Assurance business.

"Diligent professionals, keepers of public trust" describe the core principle that distinguish the Deloitte Taiwan culture, which is consistent worldwide. With the trust and expectation from the public, Deloitte Taiwan professionals are committed to conducting our business with integrity, comply with the code of ethics and to take audit quality as the cornerstone for implementing our business philosophy, to deliver the highest standard of execution on each of our engagements. We embrace our responsibility to our clients, community and society with an unwavering commitment.

This year marked the first time that Deloitte Taiwan published Transparency Report for the year ended 31 May, 2023 in accordance with the Principles for Preparation of Transparency Reports by Audit Firms issued by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) including the disclosure relating to “the operation, governance, and the compliance assessment of the internal control, audit quality indicators and financial and operational information. It also demonstrates our commitment to protect the public interest and the investment to improve audit quality while delivering professional services.

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