Power, Utilities, & Renewables

In response to Net Zero Emissions, the goals of enterprises in the Power, Utilities & Renewables industry are either to broaden their usages of renewable energy to reduce the carbon emissions or improve the efficiency of power electricity for energy conservation.


Our practitioners' goal is to help not only power, utilities, and renewables companies, but many sectors, transform their business models, develop, and scale their solutions to bring electrification and low-carbon technologies to everyday life.


Through an integrated approach, we can help connect the use of technology with the human element to transform organizations, adapt to changing regulations, create an extended ecosystem to help drive adoption of sustainable solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


林孟衞 David Lin

林孟衞 David Lin


林孟衞律師為德勤商務法律事務所合夥律師,專長領域為企業併購、再生能源及資本市場。林律師曾經協助外商客戶投資台灣第一個離岸風場,亦曾擔任台灣風電公司營運長暨法務長,協助公司出售台灣離岸風場股權予外國能源公司,及投資日本離岸風場。林律師具有豐富的跨國企業併購經驗,曾代表多家外商公司收購台灣上市櫃公司,亦曾代表台灣公司收購海外公司或出售資產予外國企業。在資本市場領域,林律師曾任職台灣證券交易所上市部門,... More