Campus Recruiting

Domestic Student

Deloitte’s reputation for providing high-quality services with integrity has earned the organization the trust of our clients and our people.

If you want to join in a dynamic organization that fosters professional development and career advancement, and work with a group of talents for a project and make an impact to the world then you absolutely can’t miss Deloitte. With our comprehensive training and development programs as well as flexible career path, your potential can be fully developed and we can bring you to a level of experience that you may never imagine. At the same time, this is where you find people enjoy a great place to work and as long as you are willing to explore you’ll find life at Deloitte can be fun and work-life balance.

Don't miss this opportunity to join our journey to become one of the most inspiring professional services networks in the world. Who is behind some of the world's biggest companies? Maybe you!

Who Are Qualified to Apply

Universities above(including) and completed Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting courses (completed Auditing courses will be preferred).

Major in Accounting / Finance / Financial Management / Public Finance / Risk Management / Business Management / International Business, etc.

Please be sure to participate in Campus Recruitment fairs, detail information will announce there.

How to Apply

Join domestic Campus Recruitment fairs, please visit our Facebook recruiting fan page for more information.