Disruption in the automotive industry

Enhancing the customer experience through connectivity

This report, from Deloitte North West Europe, examines the transformation occurring in the automotive industry and provides a detailed analysis of the ‘connected’ opportunity.

The automotive industry of the future has the potential to be unrecognizable from that of today, and one of the key pillars underpinning any transformation will be increasing connectivity.

So how is the automotive industry changing? What role will connectivity play and how is it driven by customer demand? What opportunities exist and how should they be prioritized? This report engages with experts from across the industry to evaluate a large number of connected vehicle use cases, looking at their potential to add value to an organization and how OEMs might look to implement some of these opportunities over others.

The use case groups have been developed from an initial analysis of over 50, which were then shortlisted and combined to 16 use cases which cover the breadth of the customer journey and the range of connected applications. We then allocated them to one of three ‘purposes’, as seen below.

You can find the detail of the 16 use case groups on pages 9-11 of the report.

Our analysis aims to identify where connected services could have the greatest impact - both on the traditional automotive industry - and that of the future.

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