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Human Capital

Every organization faces workforce challenges. Analytics can be instrumental in creating a more evidence-based approach to solving complex workforce issues.

In the modern world, organizations generate a tremendous amount of workforce data but many still do not maximize the potential of that data. Accurately and efficiently measuring and understanding employee attributes, activities and behaviors at a granular level is a major challenge for organizations across all sectors.

What if you could predict which high performers were at risk of leaving six months before they walked out the door? What if you could merge external data with your own business metrics to project workforce demand six, nine or even eighteen months from now? What if you could triage incoming resumes overnight to predict employee success and tenure – before you interview?

Workforce Analytics has the potential to provide accurate answers to these questions and more through the use of advanced data modelling and wealth of industry expertise.

Many organizations have already made significant investments in HR technologies to manage their day-to-day transactions and gain business operating efficiencies. Unfortunately, many human capital executives don’t leverage this valuable resource when making critical business decisions, relying far too little on evidence-based data in favor of tradition and “tribal” wisdom. Workforce Analytics can provide the necessary jump required to turn the wealth of data into valuable insights capable of driving strategic workforce decision making.

As leaders in Workforce Analytics, Deloitte member firms have combined strategy, data, business insights, technology, experience and skills to develop services and practical tools designed to help organizations improve people management decisions and control workforce costs.

The portfolio of services and solution sets are designed to help organizations link their business strategy to advanced analytical techniques to improve overall performance. Deloitte member firms specialize in helping organizations integrate third party data with internal sources to provide new insights and options to complex workforce challenges.

Three minute guide to workforce analytics